Are You Saved Enough?

In the beginning

Salvation is a funny word that Xians like to throw around. Sometimes it feels like we use it so much that we’ve lost the sense of what it really means. Put simply, salvation is the idea that this world is not the end but that there is an eternal afterlife. Those who are “saved” spend eternity in the presence of God. Those who are “unsaved” spend eternity outside the presence of God.

In honor of this week’s debate on the question of the origin of the world (creation vs. evolution) here’s a little reminder:

The Bible says in Ephesians 2:8-9

For it is by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast.

The Apostle Paul also writes in Romans 10:13

For everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.

Did you catch what the Bible lists as the requirements for salvation? It’s faith. Those who call on Jesus as savior are those who are saved.

Did you catch what the Bible DOESN’T list as a requirement for salvation? Your view of how the universe began. Or your view of how the universe will end. Or your view on what church should look like, sound like, feel like, etc.

That means that even evolutionists can go to heaven. GASP! I know this is really gonna tweak some people, but the Bible is clear that salvation is offered to those who believe. There is no benchmark of belief that says, “You start at saved level ALPHA but don’t have access to heaven until you reach saved level FOXTROT.”

If we understand what the Bible is saying then we see that there will be people in heaven who disagree with some of our most dearly held ideologies.

In the big picture, we need to be okay with that. It’s all about Jesus. I happen to believe that the cosmos has a divine foundation – that YAHWEH was the creative force driving the car. If someone else who calls on the name of Jesus says he believes that God started the evolutionary ball rolling, my disagreement with that issue should not prevent me from worshipping alongside him as a fellow disciple of Jesus.

Difficult as it may be, we are called to do better. It’s time to lay down our pet issues for the sake of the kingdom. The only real issue is Jesus Christ. If you’re with him, then you’re with me.

And one day we’ll be worshipping him together for eternity.

Come, Lord Jesus!

4 thoughts on “Are You Saved Enough?

  1. Hoping it is acceptable to push back a little on your post, you are absolutely correct in that the only thing required of us for salvation is faith. The question then must be what or WHO is your faith in. Why do we need the faith. Specifically, if God simply got the ball rolling, then Adam is not the father of ALL mankind and a federal head. In other words Adam didn’t “fall” thus creation doesn’t need to be redeemed. Moreover, if we deny a historical adam, we make Jesus out to be a lunatic who can’t keep his facts straight. Either way Christianity fails.

    To your point however, I do not see Young earth vs. Old earth being a matter of salvation. I appreciate your thoughts on this matter.

    Grace and Peace -Anon

    • All civil discourse is welcome, even when people disagree! Cannot humanity be broken and distant from God without a single human paving the way?

      Denying an historical Adam doesn’t male Jesus out to be a lunatic – it highlights the understanding of the ancient world. Jesus was sinless but lived and operated in the ancient world and its worldview. The disciples believed in ghosts – it doesn’t mean that we include that in part of our theology.

      • “Cannot humanity be broken and distant from God without a single human paving the way?”

        I don’t believe it can. If we deny the purpose for which Christ came, then we deny Christ. This quote creates many questions. 1. Who determined it was broken? 2. If God is all-knowing/powerful/eternal how come He revealed Himself as someone who makes mistakes? 3.Technically speaking, we are Saved by the Imputed Righteousness of Jesus Christ. In other words, He paid the price we ought to have paid.

        If ALL did not sin in Adam then ALL do not need a savior. Again we create many impossible scenarios that destroys much of the bibles clear teaching. Jesus was the Second Adam. Jesus fulfilled the perfectly the Law of God because our first father Adam did not.

        Throwing out a historical Adam destroys scripture, sin and death. Without sin and death who needs a savior. We must submit to the clear teaching of scripture.

        Old earth young earth not clear in the text. Adam being the federal head of all mankind…Crystal clear.

        Romans 5:12

        Grace and Peace

      • I never denied the purpose of Christ. o_O My point was that brokenness is inherent in humanity. Christ’s work on the cross made possible our restoration to God. We’re in agreement there. If our understanding of faith and God’s revelation are dependent on historical reporting from 6000 years ago then our faith isn’t big enough. But the first 12 chapters of Genesis are not history – they are etiology.

        Sin and death are part of the natural world without having to inherit it from an unknown ancestor 6000 years ago.

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