When Anons Get Serious

Someone recently said to us:

“I follow Anons because you’re funny and (mostly) stay away from painful issues that divide us. Have you lost your collective minds?”

No. We haven’t.

While many of us are on here to be funny, some of us are here to make you think. But honestly, why can’t we do both? Some of the best comedians use social commentary as their material.Serious-Man

It’s not different from Xian Anons who use a comedic platform to get people to think seriously about faith, spirituality, the Church, ethics, and morality.

Many of us love the Church and love Jesus. Our hearts break when we see the Church and Xians doing stupid things that work to divide us rather than unite us. They break when we see Xians acting more like the world than like Jesus.

For that reason I will try to make you laugh. I will try to make you think.

If you are only here for the funny – that’s okay. The cool thing about social media, whether it be Twitter, FB, or blogs, is that you can consume the content you want and ignore the content that steps on your toes.

If you don’t want your Anons to talk about serious issues, don’t read those blogs and Tweets. You won’t hurt our feelings.

But maybe…just maybe…we might be able to add to the conversation a perspective that brings a breath of fresh air to Xianity.

We’d love to hear your voice: How do you feel when Anons are more pointed than funny?


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