Why I Hate #FF

Recently someone asked me why I hate #FF (Follow Friday). That’s EVERY Friday when the Twitterverse explodes with people telling you to go follow so-and-so.

I don’t hate it. Not really. STRONG dislike might be more appropriate.

I understand the thought behind it. You follow someone and want to tell your own followers it might be worthwhile for them to follow this fantastic person as well. Part of my dislike is that #FF has simply become a numbers game for many.

Instead of saying, “I think this person is worth following because…” many send out a #FF to boost another person’s follower count. It quickly stops being about the quality of their content and does become that numbers game.

I saw a conversation a while back (I think it was between Snooty Seminarian and Fair IC Baptist.  They argued (convincingly) that #FF was not as effective as RTs (retweets) for gaining followers. The logic behind it is this:

a)      if someone follows you because of a #FF they will soon come to a decision that they do or don’t like your account. When they don’t like it they’ll bail.

b)      if someone follows you because of RTs it means they like your content and style. They are more likely to “stick” as followers and not bail.

I decided that I wasn’t going to put out #FFs that people would just ignore – I would try to RT content that I really liked and could get behind. So I made a game out of it.

On Thursday I put out the 4×4 tweet – the first 4 to retweet it win the 4×4 game. I give each of those people 4 RTs on Friday. It’s not about begging for RTs for myself. It’s a simple and amusing way I can “bless” others with RTs.

The real problem is finding good, original content to RT 😉 Some people who play love to converse on Twitter but don’t put out a whole lot of content of their own. So…if you’re gonna play, put out some original material Wed-Fri. I’d love to retweet you.

But then I was asked, “Your game is fun, but if you give everyone the opportunity to play how do we know who you really would suggest to follow?”

That’s a great question…



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