How to Write a Good Subtweet

Before we begin, you gotta know what a subtweet is. The word is a shortened form of “subliminal tweet.” Simply put, it’s tweeting about someone without using their name. Subtweets are behind-your-back-but-in-your-face comments. A bad subtweet will leave no one guessing what you’re talking about. A REALLY good subtweet will have multiple people wondering if you’re talking about them.

Then you need to understand that the subtweet genre is really geared towards tearing people down behind the veil of obscurity. When you think that so-and-so is being a total dipwad you might tweet about his behavior attitude without using his name. Then if you’re ever questioned on it you can always fall back on, “I TOTALLY wasn’t talking about you!”
Anons often use subtweets to deliver satire and sarcasm. I myself use irony, sarcasm, & ridicule to laugh at myself and people of like-minded faith. I don’t subtweet to be mean. I do it (usually) to make a point. That being said I think there are some elements to writing a good subtweet.

1. Purpose. A bad subtweet exists only to destroy someone – to vent your animosity without having to admit you’re upset. A good subtweet exists to drive home a point, a joke, or a moral.

2. Timing. A bad subtweet will follow IMMEDIATELY on the heels of the person you’re talking about. There’s nothing “sub” about that. If you’re going to take that route you might as well address the person directly. The best subtweets leave a little bit of gap between the original tweeter and your own follow-up. It makes the intended recipient a bit more vague. Now it could be anyone.

3. Content. We’ve all seen some subtweets that get VERY specific. “You think XXXXX but you’re a dummy because XXXX.” Not very smooth. The best and funniest subtweets are those that can stand alone as real tweets. What I mean is this: if someone who didn’t know you well read your subtweet would they think it’s directed at someone specific or would they think it’s merely your own content? The best subtweets are those that are often mistaken for regular tweets. I’m tickled when I subtweet someone and others favorite and retweet it. The subtweet takes on a life of its own. It is no longer about me and the person.

4. Examples: Here are some of my recent subtweets:


There you have it – the good and the bad. The bad subtweets bring people down. The good subtweets make people laugh and/or think. And, while many of us have probably had a combination of both, we can always strive to do better.


5 thoughts on “How to Write a Good Subtweet

  1. It’s that element of suspense that keeps it interesting… “is she/he talking about ME??” lol.. thanks for the tutorial! I agree… I hope most of it is meant in FUN! 🙂 Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Thanks for the “enlightenment” oh wise one… 🙂

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