Xians Say the Dumbest Things

We really do.

Sometimes we joke about it an call it Xian-ese, but there’s really a dialect within Western English that is unique to Protestant faith. Not being Roman Catholic I can’t speak for them. I can only hope that they don’t share some of the same expressions we do.

One of the goofy ones: praying for a hedge of protection.

As if God is a great cosmic gardener.

Hedge of Protection

I know that people who don’t speak the language hear us talking and just shake their heads. “Yup – them there Xians are talking again. Can’t understand a dadblamed thing they’re saying.”

It’s not that I really care about it individual words. My biggest problem is that we have created language that clearly identifies one as in-group or out-group. If you speak the language you’re one of the insiders. Everyone else is excluded – kept at a distance. It’s difficult to win people over when you keep them at arm’s length. How can we possibly meet people where they are when our language is pushing them away? If the Apostle Paul’s behavior in 17 is any example, we should be building bridges to where people are utilizing THEIR lives – THEIR language.

So, whatcha think? What dumb things have YOU heard Xians say?

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