Racist Old White Dudes and Their Black Girlfriends


By now most people have heard of the drama regarding Clippers owner Donald Sterling and his racist comments.

We should be outraged, but we’re being outraged by the wrong thing.

We shouldn’t be outraged by his racist remarks. His racist attitude wasn’t a secret. People have known about it. Racism isn’t new to this country, and it certainly isn’t going to disappear any time soon.

In fact, the whole idea of freedom in this country is that people are allowed to believe and speak what they believe without fear of punishment. That means you can believe any idiocy you want to believe. You can share that idiocy with others, and you won’t have action taken against you.

Is Sterling an idiot? Clearly. He has a fight with his 1/2 Latina 1/2 African American girlfriend about his negative feelings towards minorities. As the owner of an NBA team he doesn’t want his girlfriend to be advertising that she hangs out with brown-skinned people. Yes, this man is an imbecile.

But that’s his right!

Stop calling for his team to be taken away from him. He owns it. You can respond by not buying Clippers merchandise. You can refuse to attend games. But don’t threaten punitive action for someone’s personal (even though idiotic) beliefs. It opens the door for action against faith groups – it’s a dangerous road to walk.

That’s not what we should be outraged about.

What we SHOULD be outraged about is a married man who has a girlfriend on the side. But nobody is saying a word about this. Why are we not upset about this man flagrantly living an adulterous life?

We seem to have selective morality here. We’ll ignore the girlfriend part but, WHAT’S THIS! HE MADE RACIST COMMENTS?!? CRUCIFY HIM!

As a white man married to a brown-skinned woman, I found his racist comments to be disgusting. I couldn’t even listen to the whole audio clip. But I’m not gonna change the opinion of a racist old white dude. His opinions are his to own. That’s his right.

I just wish we would get outraged about the right things.

5 thoughts on “Racist Old White Dudes and Their Black Girlfriends

    • I agree….he owns the team and has a right to his own opinion about anything in life. I will say however that I believe this is an ex girlfriend previous to his marriage. I thought the same exact thing….why is his wife not upset about a girlfriend?

      In one report the wife gave a statement regarding her “estranged” husband’s comments and in another report it was stated the girlfriend was a “past” girlfriend.

      Either way it’s a ridiculous story and I’m sick of hearing about it already. If you don’t like someone’s point of view and don’t support them simply don’t spend you time or money on them or their product. Too many people are just LOOKING to be offended in this world today…..and I’m REALLY sick of that!

      • Exactly! And he said these things in private in his own home!! What about The First Amendment??? This is intolerance meeting intolerance. My home is my home and I will say whatever the hell I want!!

    • Thanks! I worked on on it. Seriously, I just read a piece that said writers need to write 25 titles before they settle on one. Well, I didn’t go that far. I wrote 6 and then decided on that gem 😀

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