Jesus Never Said That!


So I saw a couple Tweeps lamenting the fact that Facebook “friends” were attributing quotations to Jesus that never came out of Jesus’ mouth (at least not that were recorded in Scripture).

As is often the case, I turned it into a game: #JesusSaid.

Then we started listing off famous proverbs and quotations that are CLEARLY not from Jesus.

Here are some of the gems:

Interestingly, one person expressed some discomfort with the game.

I understand the discomfort. In fact, I applaud it. We SHOULD be concerned with the words we put in Jesus’ mouth. The point of the whole game was to say: I can’t believe people are putting these words in Jesus’ mouth!

Like many aspects of our faith, we too often let culture infiltrate and influence us. We get so confused sometimes that we cannot tell Scripture from Shakespeare.

The beauty of the Bible is that, for people of faith, it is God’s revelation to us that shapes and forms us. When we take that seriously then we will take seriously the words contained within it.

So double-check next time before you quote Jesus.


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