Are you an #Americhristian? Here’s how you can tell…

Those of you who know me know that I’m quite fond of hashtag parties. I like to participate in them. I like to start them.

I was really tickled yesterday with the hashtag party for Americhristian. You see, I wasn’t even trying to start a party.

I was simply ranting.

Last year after seeing many Xian folk treat religion and patriotism as two sides of the same coin I became a bit irate. I coined (at least I thought I did) the term “Americhristian.”

Yesterday I saw a bunch of tweets regarding Memorial Day, America, blah blah blah and it brought up the same feelings. So I brought up the word again. It seemed to resonate with people.

There were a bunch more, but you get the idea. Turns out that other people use that term as well.

I even found a group called “The Americhristian Group


As far as I can tell this group is a not a hoax, but does seem shady. They want to save America for Christ through “Praise, Partnership and Prosperity.”


When we place emphasis on our national citizenship instead of our heavenly citizenship we’ve got our priorities backwards. Ed Stetzer once wrote, “When you mix faith and politics you get politics.”

Regardless of our political views we need to have Kingdom emphasis first.

We align with Jesus, not with political ideals.

We serve Jesus, not any political platform.

And we know that Jesus is Lord of all nations, not just ‘Merica.

Don’t be an Americhristian.

You Tried to Tell Me Islam Meant Peace, But You Lied

This is a travesty the world should know about…

Chris Linzey


I’m not dumb – I know that the translation of Islam actually means peace. But the façade of peace is wearing mighty thin.

While Christians in America cry persecution too easily, Christians in other areas of the world are highly persecuted. According to a 2014 report from the Pew Research Center, Christianity is the religious group most likely to be persecuted worldwide. We’re seeing this horrible truth play out in the story of Meriam Yehya Ibrahim.

She’s a 27 year old mother of one and eight months pregnant with child number two. She and her child are in prison in Sudan.


Because she’s a Christian and refuses to recant. And conversion from Islam is a crime punishable by death. Thank you, Sharia law, for your righteous judgment.

But Islam is the way of peace.


Eye roll

This whole situation is tragic. It’s the kind of thing that has me…

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I’m Not Pro-Life and You Shouldn’t Be Either

Language is a very odd thing.

For example, you read the title of this post and probably jumped to conclusions that I am talking about the issue of abortion. The term “pro-life” has taken on a nuance all its own. One cannot use it apart for the abortion discussion anymore.

The other day I cam across a piece (for the life of me I can’t remember where) that said people like me who disagree with abortion but still believe in the death penalty should rather say, “I’m pro-birth.”

Well, that’s just ridiculous.

As I mentioned, the phrase has taken on a nuance all its own.

But for the sake of argument and to placate that person, fine – I’m not pro-life. I’m pro birth.

But I’m also for the death penalty, so I guess I’m pro-death…in certain circumstances…well, it’s complicated. No, “pro-death” is just stupid.

But I digress.

Most of the world knows about the execution of Oklahoma inmate Clayton Lockett. The media jumped all over the story and called it a “botched execution.”

But here’s the thing. Let’s look at the situation from a results-oriented perspective.

The desired result was the execution of a real gem:

Here’s an AP summary of his crimes, in addition to first-degree murder: “conspiracy, first-degree burglary, three counts of assault with a dangerous weapon, three counts of forcible oral sodomy, four counts of first-degree rape, four counts of kidnapping and two counts of robbery by force and fear.

I’m sorry – did I say gem? I meant scumbag.

So the desired result was putting this man to death. But if that’s the desired outcome, they seemed to succeed.

It wasn’t a botched execution. Perhaps they botched up trying to put the man to sleep before they put him to death, the but the execution achieved the desired results.

From a biblical point of view, I don’t have a problem with this.

There are certain things people do that God said (and society today STILL says), “Sorry, scumbag, but your behavior nullifies your right to take another breath.”

But…but…but…what about turning the other cheek? What about the love of Jesus?

Even Jesus showed righteous anger at scumbags. He never overturned the old Law. The stuff that pissed God off then still does now. If humanity is God’s image on earth (and the Bible says it is) then heinous crimes against humanity are really crimes against the creator.

And sometimes scumbags don’t deserve to be here any more.

And this is me getting off my soapbox…………