You Can’t Kill Trolls


Wow, hasn’t Twitter been an interesting place the last couple of days?!?

There a guy (he says his name is James, but this is Twitter, so who really knows) who has published a list of Anon accounts and Anon “friendlies” – claiming that we are enemies of Independent Fundamental Baptists (IFB). He boldly asserts we:

are either fake, parody, or just simply exist to harass other fundamental Baptist accounts and/or remain in cahoots and follow those who do…. Most of these accounts are members of the ex-fundamentalist/atheist/progressive “Christian” (etc..) website, Stuff Fundies Like, and then others are devout followers of…popular Calvinist authors, pastors and bloggers…

What really gets my knickers in a twist is that his “naughty list” includes people who have never spoken ill against him or his group – they are included only because they associate with Anons. This guilt by association is religious McCarthyism.

With everything within me I want to tell him that he is being ridiculous, illogical, and acting completely contrary to Christ. But I can’t. And you can’t.

You see – you can’t kill trolls.

You can’t argue with them, reason with them, or ever say ANYTHING that will bring a change in perspective. Trolls are stone – immovable. Even facts are useless against them. This troll has leveled accusations against one of my Twitter faves, BackRowBaptist. He claimed to discover that BRB was actually from Arizona and threatened him:

Keep it up and see how long you stay anonymous…

Except BRB has publicly revealed himself and he is not in Arizona. 😐

Facts mean nothing to trolls. Anything you say will get twisted and distorted.

It sucks. It’s aggravating. But they feed off of it. They get pumped up while we get drained.

So I’m gonna say something that makes me shudder…

Let it Go

Pretty soon you’ll forget about him. You can’t reach him (most of us are blocked anyway).

So let it go. Ignore him and he’ll return to his troll hovel. We can get on to Twitter as usual.

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