Help, I’m an #Egomaniac!

As promised, here’s the blog about the Egomaniac hashtag game we played last night.

Truth be told, I got the idea from a NY Times op-ed piece I read about happiness. The author wrote:

Today, each of us can build a personal little fan base, thanks to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and the like. We can broadcast the details of our lives to friends and strangers in an astonishingly efficient way. That’s good for staying in touch with friends, but it also puts a minor form of fame-seeking within each person’s reach. And several studies show that it can make us unhappy.

We each become little egomaniacs tweeting and posting about our lives and caring more about our own content than about anything else. So I had an idea…

From there it seemed everyone had an opinion about egomaniacs 😉

And we’ll close with…

There were many more – too many to recount. But there’s a little ego monster in us all that cares about faves and retweets. We all want our voices to be heard. The problem comes when that little ego monster becomes the driving force in our lives. As the author of the op-ed piece pointed out, pursuing that doesn’t actually bring happiness, but brings unhappiness. So enjoy your time on social media, but remember:


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