Social Media Christ

Have you ever wondered what the Bible would be like if Jesus used social media? Perhaps something like this?

What do you think?

What would you add?


Criticizing Jesus

Hey everyone! Today I’ve got a guest blogger who goes by the handle TorturedYouthPastor (@AbusedYM). He’s a newcomer to the Xian Anon scene. Take it away, my man…

Buddy Christ, courtesy of "Dogma"

Buddy Christ, courtesy of “Dogma”

I’ve seen quite a frenzy going around about the new ‘Son of God’ movie, mostly from Christians. I’d like to add my input if I may.

From what I’ve seen on social media outlets through friends, friends of friends, and comment sections from web articles, it’s become clear that the lack of 100% accuracy in this movie leaves many believers feeling short-changed. Understandable. We wait decades for Hollywood to give us a movie worth seeing and then we get a less-than-totally-accurate depiction of Christ. So then the moral grandstanding begins.

Now before I start offending let me first say I’m just as guilty as anyone of moral grandstanding from time to time myself and appreciate when I’m brought back to the reality of my own inconsistency. So with that premise, let me begin.

Many of the comments I’m seeing are are, “I’m not going to financially support this due to its inaccuracies”. Some argue, “He’s been mellowed out” and some argue, “He’s been too Americanized” (casting issue), that “parts of scripture are altered, embellished, or flat left out”. Many conclusions is that, in one form or another, this is blasphemous to who Christ is.

I’m encouraged that believers are concerned enough to say something about these issues, however I have 2 issues of my own with how we are handling it.

#1 – Rather than taking a stand and ranting and raving on social media about how we haven’t seen it nor will we see it, why not watch it then take the time to explain to those who don’t claim Christ as Lord and Savior how Scripture differs from Hollywood’s portrayal? It was #2 in the box office opening weekend. I have to believe non-believers saw it too. So rather than fighting in house for the whole world to see about a movie, why not take the opportunity to make it a tool for discussion?

#2 – If point number 1 means nothing to you and you still want to make a moral stance on not watching it, that’s fine. No one is going to condemn you to Hell for not watching it. But at least be consistent. If you’re not going to watch Son of God because you feel it is blasphemous, then be consistent with all of your movie watching. Don’t have the attitude at the theater about not watching a “blasphemous” movie about Jesus and then walk in to the next theater that’s playing ‘Non Stop’ which takes The Lord’s name in vain 12 times, 6 of which are the big “GD”, “3 Days to Kill” which takes his name in vain 15 times, or “Ride Along” and “Robo Cop” which take His name in vain 7 times, respectively. I could continue listing movies but I think the point is made. At least be consistent.

Let me throw in one last point… Has any movie that’s been made based on a book (Harry Potter, LOTR, Hunger Games, etc) ever been 100% on par with the book?

So there’s my 2 cents on the matter.

You’re #NotReallySaved.


So it started like this: an Anon friend of mine made a comment that he was going to go watch a Dexter marathon.

I jokingly said, “You say you’re a Christian but you watch those terrible shows. You must not really be saved.”

Then inspiration hit me.

Let’s face it ~ we’re masters at belittling the salvation and faith of those who don’t fit our own mold of what it looks like to be a Christian.

Then the game took off like wildfire. Dozens of people jumped in and came up with hundreds of ways we belittle others’ salvation. Here’s but a small sample of some of the things we came up with.

The list went on and on. In fact, people are still playing it today! Some are jokes (and quite funny). Some are serious. It’s clear to me that many people have been hurt by others who claim to be Christian but, for whatever reason, don’t allow certain behaviors to be part of their theological circles.

Most of the list really comes down to this:

And that’s a shame. The Bible is actually not as black-and-white about all of these side issues as Christians are. Salvation really comes down to faith in Jesus. Can you smoke weed and have a saving faith in Jesus? Can you vote a certain political party and have a saving faith in Jesus?

I think so.

In the end the “You’re not really saved” lists that we all have come down to us – what we dislike or disapprove of. Don’t get me wrong – the Bible does talk about sin and Christian behavior. But we seem to add a lot of things to the lists.

Won’t we be surprised when we reach eternity and find people who didn’t live the way we wanted them to live?

If you’ve ever had your salvation doubted because of this or other issues – I’m sorry. Christians mean well (usually) but we have a horrible way of judging anything that doesn’t fit our mold.

And if you’ve ever doubted or questioned the salvation of someone else because of some behavior you disapproved of it’s time to repent. The condition of someone’s salvation is really up to God.